Cioss Prato

Snowshoe hiking in a fairytale setting

Cioss Prato is the ideal destination for those seeking relaxation in a fairytale scenery. Experience an unforgettable day on snowshoes as you hike through forests and snowy meadows.

The Bedretto valley is an authentic natural paradise nestled in the mountains at the foot of the Gotthard massif. Its winter coat transforms it into a fairytale landscape. During the coldest months, the postbus arrives to the commune of All'Acqua by winding its way along the roads between snowdrifts and snow-covered trees. The scenery offers great emotions, and every stop between Airolo and the terminus makes you want to get off. In the commune of Bedretto, the postbus stops at Cioss Prato (penultimate stop, "Cioss Prato (Bedretto)"), near the small ski resort complete with a refreshment bar. Cioss Prato is ideal for taking your first steps on skis and also offers beautiful snowshoe trails. Following the official signs, it is possible to walk in the woods along two very easy and circular routes that lead into magical nature sceneries. Those who prefer a longer excursion can choose an itinerary on the other side of the valley, which is a little more difficult, but which offers a unique experience and perhaps even the chance to see some wild animals.

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Route open all year. Please note that in winter the service might be reduced if the roads are not passable.


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