Col-des-Mosses Route

Château-d'Oex–Col des Mosses

On the Château-d’Oex-Col des Mosses Route starting in Château-d’Oex, you will discover the regional nature park Gruyère Pays d’Enhaut, the Col des Mosses high plateau and delicious L‘Etivaz mountain cheese.

The Château-d’Oex-Col des Mosses Route travels from Château-d’Oex through the highlands to Col des Mosses. The GoldenPass train line takes the most memorable route to family-friendly Pays d’Enhaut and offers views of the mountains and beautifully adorned chalets. The best way to see the region is from a hot air balloon. An international balloon festival is held every year in Château-d’Oex. Espace Ballon has lots of information on hot air ballooning. For interesting facts about the art of paper cutting visit the Pays d’Enhaut local history museum (PostBus stop Château-d‘Oex, Railway Station). Explore La Pierreuse nature reserve by taking the ant educational path in La Braye. This is also the start of the Mike Horn Family Course, a treasure hunt for the whole family. Winter sports enthusiasts will enjoy the La Braye ski area which is connected to the Gstaad ski region (PostBus stop Château-d’Oex, Railway Station, change to gondola). Maison de L’Etivaz and many local alpine dairies will introduce you to the famous L‘Etivaz mountain cheese (PostBus stop L’Etivaz, Old Post Office). The Col des Mosses high plateau is ideal for hiking, mountaineering and biking. In winter there are 42 km of cross-country ski trails available and a Nordic Center to change clothes, wax your skis or have a picnic (PostBus stop Col-des-Mosses, Post Office). La Lécherette and Les Mosses ski areas are connected for even more fun in the snow. Ice diving in Lioson lake is a guaranteed adrenalin rush.

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