Combo Offer Viamala Gorge

Benefit from 20% discount

Save 20% on both the postbus ticket and on the admission price to the mystical Viamala Gorge. The Viamala Gorge, an amazing natural monument with rock walls up to 300 meters high.

The mystical gorge is only a few meters wide and offers an incredible natural spectacle. The play of colors in the water, the potholes and the bridge built in 1739 leave a lasting impression of the beauty of nature.

Take the 321 stone steps down into the deep gorge to experience the stunning scenery and the narrow confinement firsthand. It is a memorable journey even when the weather is not perfect.

Save 20% with this package on

- round trip PostBus ticket from anywhere in the Grisons to Zillis, Viamala Gorge
- Voucher for the admission price to the Viamala Gorge

Offer valid: 6 June to 1 November 2020

  • Free for children up to the age of 5
  • Holders of a general pass (General Travel Pass, employee passes, etc.) pay only the discounted admission price at PostBus (not available directly on site/from the partner)
  • The package is available only at PostBus points of sale in the Grisons and from PostBus drivers

Travel dates/Validity

Route open all year
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Opening hours

Opening hours Viamala Gorge

Timetable information

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Timetable 90.541

Travel information

Take the postbus to the Zillis, Viamala Gorge stop.

Wheelchair accessibility

No guarantee of wheelchair access to the postbus

Special comments:
The Viamala Gorge is not accessible by wheelchair. However, the visitor’s center is handicapped-accessible and offers beautiful views of the gorge.

Contact details

Visitor Information Viamala
CH-7435 Splügen

+41 81 650 90 30