Conny-Land Amusement Park, Lipperswil (Thurgau)

Sea Lion Kisses and Excitement

A day of fun, thrills and excitement for the whole family in the largest amusement park in Switzerland! Around 50 attractions, such as the Mammut-Tree, the Space Trip 4D flight simulator, an indoor high rope climbing park, or the famous sea lion and parrot shows are in store for you.

Conny-Land, the largest Swiss amusement park, is not far from Lake Constance. Around 50 attractions offer lots of variety for a day of fun and entertainment for the whole family: 

  • Mammut Tree, the ultimate 5D experience for the entire family
  • Space Trip, a 4D flight simulator to experience exciting space travel
  • "Jungle Adventure", an indoor attraction with a high rope climbing park 
  • park theater with juggler
  • sea lion and parrot shows
  • other attractions, such as Dino-Parc, Auto-Scooter 
  • and much more. 

Swimming with sea lions

Swimming with sea lions is a very special experience. First, the trainer team has a lot of interesting and fascinating information about the animals. And then the fun begins: put on a neoprene suit and dive in. Duration: approx. 1 hour, reservations are required, minimum age 6 years. Additional information about swimming with sea lions at  Swimming with sea lions

Breakfast on the sea lion lagoon

An attractive event with Polynesian flair. The breakfast table is set at the beach bar, right next to the sea lions' playground. While you enjoy a leisurely breakfast, you will be visited by the sea lions and enjoy some of the tricks they perform. Additional information about the breakfast at Breakfast on the sea lion lagoon

Conny-Land, Lipperswil

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