Via del Ceneri

The trail that connects Ticino

A beautiful hike that follows the historical route once travelled by wayfarers and pilgrims. An interesting trail of great cultural value with amazing landscapes through the beautiful woods of Monte Ceneri, and all the way down to Cadenazzo.

Situated at 554 m above sea level, Monte Ceneri physically divides the canton of Ticino’s north from its south, and today, as in the past, it serves as an essential transit route. A military parade ground developed over the years at the top of Mount Ceneri, and it is here that the Piazza Ticino was built, symbolising the converging point of Ticino’s three regions of Locarno, Bellinzona and Lugano. It’s at this central point of the canton that the project to restore the historic transit route began. It is easily reached via the new PostBus line that departs from Rivera and arrives at Monte Ceneri right at the “Rivera, Passo del Ceneri” stop. The Via del Ceneri trail winds along almost eight kilometres to Cadenazzo station. The route includes several historical and cultural points of interest with information panels that make the trip even more appealing. There are various points of interest, such as the Radio Museum, the sheepback rocks, and the beautiful chestnut woods near Robasacco, where you can also walk along the remarkable Via del Briganti. Restored structures such as the Precassino mill and press enhance the whole route.

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Timetable no. 62.455 Rivera – Monte Ceneri


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Route timetable

Route Direction Validity
455 Rivera-Bironico, Posta/FFS from 12/12/2021 to 12/10/2022