The Via del Ferro

Morobbia Valley

Carena is the starting point for the Via del Ferro, a theme route to the former sites of the iron and mining industry that characterised the upper Morobbia valley until the beginning of the 18th century. The hammer mill, the valley’s two mines and the show coal pile are just a few of the historical sites to be discovered.  

The PostBus route into the Morobbia valley starts in Giubiasco and crosses the villages of Lôro, Pianezzo, Paudo and Sant'Antonio. A beautiful panoramic view extends from the woods over the Magadino plain, Lake Maggiore and the Brissago islands. The Via del Ferro starts out in the village of Carena (bus stop "Carena"), where the old customs house still stands today. It is a theme route to the former sites of the iron and mining industry that shaped the upper Morobbia valley until the beginning of the 18th century. Along the way there are impressive testimonies of that period to discover, including the spectacular remains of the hammer mill (about 20 minutes walk from the village) and the blast furnace in Carena, which came to light again after more than two centuries, as well as the two mines rediscovered in 2005 (inside only guided tours) and the show coal pile. The path continues through the mountainous landscape of the Alpe di Giumello and reaches the Giggio protection forest via a rare mountain pine wood. The Via del Ferro can be walked as a shortened version in about five and a half hours on a circular route from Carena (about 16 kilometres). The entire route, on the other hand, is a cross-border thematic itinerary on historical paths that connected the Morobbia valley with the Lombardy valleys of Cavargna and Albano through the Motto della Tappa (2078 m a.s.l.), also known as Cima Verta.

The whole route covers a distance of about 25 km (along the Val Cavargna) and a little less if you go as far as Garzeno in the Val d'Albano. The hiking tour must be divided into at least two stages.   

The ideal time of year to walk the Via del Ferro is from late spring to autumn. It is possible that even in June, there will still be some snow at this altitude which would make the hike more difficult.

These paths are only suitable for experienced hikers and require a good head for heights in some places.    

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Bus stop: «Carena»


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