Disentis Abbey

The abbey in the Surselva region – a must for those who love culture

The impressive Disentis Abbey with its two imposing towers is the symbol of the village. The magnificent baroque abbey, the ruins of the early medieval abbey, the museum with its special exhibitions and the cloister and cultural center are all well worth a visit.

The Disentis Abbey is a spiritual and cultural centre with its own boarding school, a museum and farming operations. The Abbey of the Swiss order of St. Benedict was established in 720 by Sigisbert, a Franconian itinerant monk, with the help of a local magnate named Placidus.

The museum is a pure treasure trove. Stroll through an exhibition of cultural and natural history and ecclesiastical art. Tours led by knowledgeable guides are available for individuals and groups to provide you with an even deeper insight into the Abbey’s long history. Additionally, the museum also offers special exhibitions with selected samples from the collection of Greek and Russian icons from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Visit the Abbey’s 1400-year-old church and the museum. You will not regret it.

Museum admission and opening hours

Tickets for the museum are available at the entrance. All information regarding opening hours and admission price is provided on the website of the Disentis Abbey.

Additional information

Group registration at phone number +41 81 929 69 00 or by e-mail at museum@kloster-disentis.ch

Contact Abbey

Benedictine Abbey Disentis


Benedictine Abbey Disentis
Via Claustra 1
7180 Disentis/Mustér

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