Educational path “Traces of man”

Castelrotto (Croglio)

This educational itinerary in a stunning natural setting leads you through the Tresa valley and introduces you to some of the historical activities that used to take place in the area. A walk through picturesque villages and vineyards.

The “Traces of man” path winds its way through the countryside near Castelrotto, a village in the Croglio municipality. It is a circular route passing through forests, villages and vineyards. Along the way, you will see various buildings - some of which are unusual and even obsolete nowadays - that played a part in people’s everyday lives in centuries past. It is the perfect blend of culture, history and nature, showing visitors the buildings in exactly the same setting as when they were in use. This walk is easy, family-friendly and takes about an hour. It starts near the Centro Lüsc, just a stone’s throw from the “Croglio, Bivio di Luzzo” stop on the Ponte Tresa – Novaggio bus route. The route initially heads towards Castelrotto’s piazza, before passing the wash house and the Fontana dei Terrieri fountain and continuing on to Beride. It leads past various important buildings, including the cheese dairy, the “giazzèra” (a deep hole which used to be filled with compressed snow to preserve supplies) and the “roccolo” (a tower used for bird hunting). A fascinating walk in a magnificent natural setting.

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Bus stop: «Croglio, Bivio di Luzzo»

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