Engadine–Merano Route


The Engadine–Meran Route offers a fascinating PostBus ride through the Swiss National Park, up and over the Ofen Pass, and through the picturesque Val Müstair valley to Mals/Malles in South Tirol.

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Please note the current entry regulations to Italy.

Take a ride on the PostBus Engadine–Meran Route, through the untouched landscapes of Switzerland’s National Park – and witness the picturesque beauty of the Val Müstair valley on your way to Mals/Malles (you require an identity card or passport in order to cross the border into Italy). And from the end of June until mid October, you’re able to commence the scenic journey from Davos.

Traversing the Flüela Pass you reach Zernez: ideal starting point for excursionsand healthy hikes through the National Park or the Val Müstair. Shortly thereafter, the ascent begins over the lengthy Ofen Pass. Here, delightful views open up over the spectacular Val Müstair, the Vinschgau and imposing Ortler Massif (PostBus stop Süsom Givè – Passhöhe).

Following the sight of the beautifully kept little Münstertal villages, you finally reach the Müstair border village – home to the world-renowned Benedictine Convent of St. John, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (PostBus stop Müstair, Clostra Son Jon). And further attractions are presented with visit to the «Tessanda Val Müstair» hand-weaving establishment in Sta Maria or local «Chasa Jaura» museum in Valchava.

And the medieval little town of Glurns/Glorenza is reached soon after crossing the Italian border (PostBus stop Haltestelle Glurns/Glorenza, Stadtplatz). Discover stately castle homes inside an intact ring-wall, along with picturesque pergolas. From Mals/Malles the Vinschgerbahn takes you to Merano, in a good hour (PostBus stop Mals railway station /Malles station).

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You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable no. 90.811

Route open all year


Line 81111 (departing 09.34 h from Zernez) has to be reserved. No additional vehicles are operated for this route. All other routes,  Malles/Mals–Müstair–Zernez (Engadin–Meran route) can not be reserved.

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Bicycle transport

Engadin–Meran Route
Bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle.
You can find more information at Biking and Postbus.

Increased capacity to transport bicycles in the summer.

The 81111 line (departure 09.34 from Zernez, staziun) does not provide bicycle transport. On the remaining stretches Bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle.

Advance reservation is recommended and is required for 6 bicycles and more: Tel. +41 81 856 10 90 Mon–Fri from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Wheelchair accessibility

No guarantee of wheelchair access to the postbus. For information, please call +41 81 856 10 90


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