Exploratour in Parc Ela

Hike from the continent to the ocean

Slip into the shoes of an explorer (Romansch: exploratour) and experience a piece of the earth’s history on this mountain hike from the Julier Pass across the Fuorcla digl Leget to Bivio. Take a hike from the former African continent to the former ocean floor.

Hike from what used to be part of the African continent to what was once the ocean floor. For this hike, you can rent a Geo rucksack. Inside you will find items such as a geologist’s hammer, hydrochloric acid, a magnifying glass and a manual with instructions for experiments and observations on flora and geology. You can hire the Explorer tour kit from the Parc Ela information point and booking office and from the Bivio information point. You can find more information in the right-hand column, under the related links section.


Take the Postbus from Chur-Lenzerheide-Tiefencastel or from St Moritz to the Julier, La Veduta bus stop.


This challenging hike starts from the Julier hotel "La Veduta" (2,233 m). Firstly, follow the narrow hiking trails which make their way into the Val d'Agnel. Before long, you will catch a glimpse of the mighty Corn Alv (2,980 m). This impressive dolomite rock is actually greenhouse gas bound in stone. Continue across the former ocean floor until the route then ascends to the Fuorcla digl Leget (2,711 m). But first make sure you don’t miss the landmark of this hike: the “Himmelstor” – where the earth meets the sky. Those with a thick skin can brave a quick cool-off in the lake at Fuorcla digl Leget, before descending to the green Val da Natons and continuing across the Alp Natons (1,963 m) back to Bivio (1,769 m).

Hiking time

La Veduta-Fuorcla digl Leget-Bivio, approx. 4.5 hrs (ascent: 633 m; descent: 1,100 m)

Return journey

Take the Postbus from Bivio to Tiefencastel-Lenzerheide-Chur or to St Moritz.

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