Fall under the charm of Charmey this winter

Make the most of the joys of winter and hop aboard PostBus route 290 to La Valsainte charterhouse. An ideal starting point for a snowshoe excursion

The 290 Charmey – La Valsainte route, with a connection from Bulle, takes travellers from Charmey to la Valsainte charterhouse. At weekends from 13 December 2020 to 14 March 2021, there are three return journeys to the Javro valley every day. 

La Valsainte is a starting point for a number of snowshoe treks ideal for families, friends or those or prefer to go solo. Here are two proposed trails :

The " Pré-de-l’Essert " snowshoe trail

This trail forms a loop through the Javroz valley, an ideal route for nature-lovers. The trail is signposted with reflective retro marking. You can park at the starting point or take the “Bus Alpin” line 290 to the “la Valsainte, couvent” stop.

It is also a lovely place for a winter hike, snow or no snow, as it often catches the sun during periods of lowland stratus.

SuisseMobile : route SS 268
Charmey : Les Plans

Duration 4 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 9 Kilometres

The " La Valsainte – Vounetse " snowshoe trail

This trail will allow you to reach the Vounetse summit. Starting at La Valsainte, the route winds its way through mountain pastures and forests to la Chaux-du-Vent, Tissineva and finally the Vounetse summit. 

From the summit, you can either return by the same route, take the ski lift or even take a different trail.

Duration 4 hours 20 min
Difficulty difficult
Distance 6 Kilometres

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