Flims Waldhaus–Trin-Mulin

Cauma Lake and «Il Spir» Observation Deck

Enjoy spectacular views of the Rhine Gorge from the “Il Spir” observation deck. The hike from Flims to Trin-Mulin takes you from one picturesque lake (Cauma Lake) to another (Cresta Lake).

The Postbus will drop you off at the Flims Caumasee station. From there, follow the hiking trail down to the picturesque Cauma Lake.

On the way to the “Il Spir” observation deck, Restaurant Conn beckons you to sit and relax for a while. A fascinating insight into the interesting geological formation of the Rhine Gorge awaits you at the “Il Spir” observation deck. The path continues down to the meadows of Pintrun and leads across a bridge over the Flem River. The final part of the route takes you over the plateau from Las Seaz to Trin-Mulin where you can catch a Postbus back to Chur or Flims. As an alternative on a warm summer day, you could also take a side trip to Cresta Lake for a refreshing swim.

Hiking time: approx. 3 hours
Level of difficulty: easy

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