Flüela Pass Route

Davos Platz–Flüela–Susch

Enjoy the beautiful ride from the Alpine city of Davos across Flüela Pass to Susch in the Lower Engadine Valley and through breathtaking mountain scenery.

The Flüela Pass Route takes you from Davos across the Flüela Pass and on to Susch in the Engadine Valley. Davos is the highest altitude town in Europe, the largest mountain holiday destination and an international conference and health resort. Lake Davos and the surrounding mountains have a wide variety of leisure activities in store for you. Be sure to visit some of the museums in Davos, the Kirchner museum, for example, or the local history museum. Take a romantic horse-drawn sled ride to the Sertig, Dischma or Flüela side valleys.

In summer, you can travel to the top of Flüela Pass in a six-horse postal coach (PostBus stop Flüela, Ospiz). Stop at Flüela Hospiz for a drink or a bite to eat and savor the views of the striking Schwarzhorn and the sparkling lakes. The road then continues down into Susch, a typical Engadine village. Situated above Susch are the ruins of the star-shaped Rohan fortress (PostBus stop Susch, Railway Station). Picturesque Zernez can be reached with the Rhaetian Railway leaving from Susch. It is an ideal starting point for excursions, hiking and biking trips in the Swiss National Park, in Val Müstair or in the Engadine Valley.

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Explore the area of the Flüela Pass Route on foot on the well-marked hiking trail system: map.wanderland.ch

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