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The Flüeli-Ranft PostBus route has the number 351 and is a journey through the beautiful Obwalden foothills to Flüeli-Ranft, a place of spiritual energy. The town was the home and place of activity of the Swiss patron saint Niklaus von Flüe, known as Brother Klaus. Away from the hustle and bustle, Flüeli-Ranft is a place of relaxation for body, spirit and soul.

The journey begins at the railway station in Sarnen and takes 20 minutes to make its way to Flüeli-Ranft, via Sachseln. Sachseln is situated on the shores of charming Lake Sarnen, nestled between the Jänzi and Arnigrat mountain ridges, and offers a wide variety of activities, both on the water and in the mountains (PostBus stop Sachseln, Railway Station).

The geographic center of Switzerland is also located in Sachseln. It can be found on Älggialp, the biggest alp in the municipality of Sachseln. Visit the famous pilgrimage church in Sachseln where Brother Klaus is buried. The Brother Klaus Museum tells the story of Switzerland’s patron saint (PostBus station Sachseln, Village). 

Be sure to visit the house where Brother Klaus was born and where he lived. Another highlight not to be missed is his hermitage in the Ranft Gorge. Two chapels bear witness to this exceptional mystical man. The room where Brother Klaus lived, largely maintained in its original form, is located near the upper chapel. A series of paintings in the chapel illustrate the story of his life.

A theme path between Flüeli–Ranft and Sachseln is dedicated to the visions that Brother Klaus and his wife Dorothea shared. The interesting Brother Klaus Path leading from Stans via St. Niklausen to Flüeli-Ranft is a section of the Way of St. James. The historic art nouveau hotel Paxmontana in Flüeli–Ranft is an impressive structure with beautiful terraced gardens, stucco ceilings, paintings, and wood paneling.

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PostBus route 351 runs from Sarnen, railway station to Flüeli-Ranft, village


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