Frienisberg Route

Magnificent views and nature galore

The Frienisberg Route travels from Bern to Lake Wohlen and through the Frienisberg recreational area to Aarberg. The route closely follows the course of the Aare and offers glimpses of the beautiful river at every turn.

The Frienisberg Route starts at the Bern railway station and continues past tubular-shaped Lake Wohlen through fields, hedgerows and small forests to Aarberg. This historic route was already used in Roman times, and in 1906 it was the first scheduled PostBus line.

The popular Frienisberg recreational area has many different leisure activities in store (all PostBus stops after Wohlen near Bern, Municipal Building). Situated at the western foot of Frienisberg, Frieswil offers views of the Bernese Alps and as far as Mont Blanc and the Jura mountains (PostBus stop Frieswil, Village).

The medieval center of Aarberg with its covered wooden bridge is exceptionally picturesque (PostBus stop Aarberg, Post Office/Railway Station). Aarberg is an ideal gateway for excursions to Frienisberg or to the Grosse Moos. This former bog is now Switzerland’s vegetable garden and with its flat and traffic-free paths, it is perfect for inline skating. Twice a year, over 250 sellers and many more potential buyers gather at Aarberg’s flea and antique market. For those with a sweet tooth, tours of the Aarberg sugar factory are available in autumn upon pre-arrangement. A beautiful path leads from Aarberg along the banks of the Aare river to Fuchsenried. This marvelous unspoiled area and the wetlands along the water are home and resting place to many different species of birds.

You can explore the region Frienisberg also with other Postbuses. You can see all the lines of the Frienisberg region on schedules / timetable information.


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Timetable 30.100 Bern–Wohlen–Detligen–Aarberg
Timetable 30.101 Bern–Kappelenring/Schlossmatt
Timetable 30.102 Bern–Uettligen–Säriswil
Timetable 30.104 Bern–Meikirch–Wahlendorf
Timetable 30.105 Bern–Meikirch–Seedorf–Lyss
Timetable 30.106 Bern–Kirchlindach–Zollikofen
Timetable 30.107 Bern–Wohlen–Uettligen–(Kirchlindach)–(Zollikofen)
Timetable 30.361 Aarberg–Aarberg, Spital–Lyss
Timetable 30.365 Aarberg–Seedorf

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Route open all year
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Explore the area of the Frienisberg Route on foot on the well-marked hiking trail system.

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