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Gantrisch-Gurnigel Route

From Thurnen via Gurnigel Pass to Schwarzenburg

Take a day trip to the beautiful Gantrisch Region. The postbus takes you from Thurnen or Schwarzenburg to the Gantrisch Nature Park and across Gurnigel Pass. This recreational area has a lot to offer from fantastic views to amazing hikes.

The Gurnigel Route starts out in Thurnen and climbs up to Längenberg. Riggisberg is the starting point for a wide variety of excursions into the Gantrisch Nature Park and the Schwarzenburgerland region.

The high trail along Längenberg to Niedermuhlern and the stunning views are especially memorable. Riggisberg Castle and Abegg Foundation, where woven fabrics from different eras are on exhibit, make the village a cultural highlight. The Gantrisch Nature Park offers many different options to choose from, the forest arena or lovely little Gantrisch Lake, for example. The Gäggersteg walkway provides a very interesting perspective of how the forest is recovering from Lothar, known as the storm of the century.

The postbus takes you through the Gantrisch area up to Gurnigel Pass. The spectacular Gantrisch Panorama Trail connects Gurnigel with Zollhaus. Now, enjoy a postbus ride down into the valley to Plaffeien and Schwarzenburg. Visit the local history museum in Schwarzenburg for more facts and figures about the region.

The Nature & Sport Bus (Route 30.616) complements the existing PostBus Route 30.323 and leads from «Schwarzenburg, Bahnhof» as far as «Gurnigel, Stierenhütte». The Nature & Sport Bus travels on Saturdays and Sundays - as well as on public holidays - during the summer and autumn months. Please note the exact operating hours in Timetable 30.616.

The Gäggersteg bus is a new addition to the range of nature and sport buses. You can now reserve journeys on the Gäggersteg bus using the ‘Bus alpin’ app. For more information, please consult the timetable/timetable information.

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Timetable information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable no. 30.323 Riggisberg–Gurnigel–Plaffeien–Schwarzenburg 
open all year

Timetable no. 30.616 Nature & Sport Bus
not open all year

You can now reserve journeys on the Gäggersteg bus using the ‘Bus alpin’ app. For all information and download links, please consult the ‘Bus alpin’ website 


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Tel. 0848 100 222

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