Gelbes Haus in Flims

Culture in the Surselva Region

In the heart of Flims, the eye-catching Gelbes Haus (Yellow House) radiates charm and character. You could also check out the impressive ethnographic museum in Ilanz. Either way, both locations certainly have plenty to offer. 

The architecture and exhibits of the Yellow House in Flims are well worth a visit. An example of white monolithic architecture that has already won two awards and made waves on the international scene 20 years ago. Two seasonal exhibitions are generally featured every year, primarily showcasing architecture, design and artisan craftwork and viewed under regional as well international aspects. The intent is to initiate an ambitious cultural dialogue. 

Museum Regiunal Surselva

Another highlight is the Museum Regiunal Surselva in Ilanz, a local history museum, but with a twist! Handicrafts, agriculture and domestic economics were the three main pillars on which people’s livelihood depended in the olden days. A well arranged educational exhibit demonstrates how they interrelated.

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