Gempen–Oristal Route

Dornach–Hochwald–Seewen SO–Büren–Liestal, Route 67/73/111

The Gempen Route 67 starts in Dornach and continues through the Schwarzbubenland region across wooded hills to Seewen and on through the Oris Valley on route 111 to Liestal.

The Gempen Route 67 starts in Dornach and continues through the beautiful natural scenery of the Schwarzbubenland region via Gempen to Seewen. Impressive hills, ravines and valleys can be explored hiking or biking or electro-biking. In Dornach, visit the former Capuchin monastery, a 22-m relief depicting a battle, the ruins of Dorneck Castle, the monumental Goetheanum, Nepomuk bridge, and the Schwarzbubenland natural history museum (PostBus stop Dornach-Arlesheim, Railway Station). The castles around Dornach can be reached on foot. Gempen is situated on wooded hills rising above the Birs Valley. This area has much to offer: an extensive hiking and biking trail system, Schartenflue with beautiful views from the observation tower, a mountain restaurant, cross-country ski trails, and sledding tracks (PostBus stop Gempen, Village). Enjoy horseback riding or swin-golfing in Hochwald (PostBus stop Hochwald, Village Center). Don’t miss the music box museum in Seewen (PostBus stop Seewen SO, Zelgli/Music Boxes). Nothing is more delight ful than a stroll through the colorful and fragrant orchards of Nuglar-St. Pantaleon at cherry blossom time (change to route 73 in Büren SO, Village).


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Timetable 50.067 (Route 67 and 111)
Timetable 50.073


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