Gempen route

Dornach–Hochwald–Seewen SO–Büren–Liestal, Route 67/73/111

The Gempen Route 67 starts in Dornach and continues through the Schwarzbubenland region across wooded hills to Seewen and on through the Oris Valley on route 111 to Liestal.

Gempen route 67 starts in Dornach and leads you through the enchanting natural landscape of the Schwarzbubenland recreational area across Gempen to Seewen. Impressive hills, gorges and valleys can be explored on foot or by bicycle/e-bike.

In Dornach, you can visit the former Capuchin monastery, the 22-metre long battle relief, the ruins of Dorneck Castle, the monumental Goetheanum, Nepomuk bridge, and the Schwarzbubenland museum of local history (Postbus stop: Dornach-Arlesheim, railway station). 

You can explore the castles in the region surrounding Dornach on mountain hikes. Gempen lies on wooded hills which rise above the Birstal valley. You can find a dense network of hiking and cycling routes in this area, the stunning Schartenflue viewpoint with observation tower and mountain restaurant, cross-country trails and toboggan runs (Postbus stop: Gempen, village).

Enjoy horseback riding or a round of swingolf in Hochwald (Postbus stop: Hochwald, village center).

In Seewen you can visit the music box museum (Postbus stop: Seewen SO, Zelgli/Musikautomaten).

During cherry blossom season, a stroll through the colourful and fragrant orchards of Nuglar-St. Pantaleon comes highly recommended (change in Büren SO, village onto route 73).

Passing through the ancient “Törli” fortification wall of the Liestal valley, you arrive in the intimate old town with its colourfully painted houses. The Poet Museum, Harmonium Museum and Baselland Canton Museum have a range of interesting exhibits to browse through (Postbus stop: Liestal, railway station).

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