Proud history and wonderful natural surroundings

Giornico is one of the first villages in the Leventina Valley. Situated in a strategic position along the north-south axis, the village is famous for the battle of 1478 and boasts a proud history.

Giornico is well known for the remarkable island in the middle of the Ticino River which is connected to the rest of the village by two beautiful, ancient Roman bridges. The hamlet developed in a strategic position – due to both the climate and the area’s morphology – which explains its historical significance. Enjoying a day in Giornico (“Giornico, Paese” stop) gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and admire ancient buildings steeped in history. The beauty and tranquillity of the place can be enjoyed on an outdoor trip, hiking through the forests and vineyards, or in search of some of Ticino’s history. Amongst the many ecclesiastical buildings, it is well worth visiting the Church of San Nicolao, in perfect Romanesque style, and the Church of Santa Maria del Castello, near to which the remains of an ancient manor can be seen. Another place not to be missed is the ‘Casa Stanga’, a 16th century inn which is now home to the Leventina Museum of Ethnography. To round off, an absolute must-see is the monument of the Battle of Giornico, erected in 1927 to commemorate the historic “Battaglia dei Sassi Grossi”, between the confederates and Milanese.  

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