The gorges of Breggia

Where nature meets history

The gorges of Breggia, a true geological treasure, can be found in the lower part of the Muggio valley. Here, the visitors are taken back in time to a period of 190 million years ago.

The park of the gorges of Breggia is the first geopark in Switzerland and extends over the communes of Balerna, Castel San Pietro, Morbio Inferiore and Morbio Superiore. On a walk of about 1.5 kilometres it is possible to admire a unique territory, shaped over the millennia by the river that has been exploited to the best advantage of the local inhabitants.

Two routes are recommended, one with a historical and one with a geological imprint.

The first starts by getting off the postbus at the "Morbio Inferiore, Ghitello" stop, from where you can reach the Ghitello mill, dating back to 1606, in a few minutes, before climbing up the gorge to the Canaa mill. In the middle of biotopes and a great biodiversity, you can see various testimonies of human activity, such as the cement factory dating back to another era or the red church dating back to 1343.

From the mill of Canaa we arrive at the second route, the geological one, which allows us to discover the incredible testimonies of ancient ocean bottoms rich in fossils and clays dating from the Jurassic and Tertiary periods. Admire these fossils, but beware: taking them is absolutely forbidden! Around the mill you can observe the oldest stratified rocks dating back 190 million years. On the path, a bridge allows you to cross a deep gorge and continue along the river's course through landslides and forests. The road ends at the Ghitello mill, where there are more recent deposits of water activity dating back to the Quaternary period.

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