The Greina route

Ilanz–Vrin–(Puzzatsch) – a journey through extraordinarily diverse environments

Take the Greina route to experience the diverse Val Lumnezia, the unique mountain village of Vrin and the picturesque Greine plateau.

From Ilanz the Greina Route passes through scenic Val Lumnezia with its many small villages and chapels to Vrin, the starting point to the Greina plateau. In Ilanz you will see fascinating old patrician mansions and medieval town fortifications. Ilanz is also the gateway to the monumental Rhine Gorge which can be explored on foot or on a river rafting trip. Learn all about the regional culture in the Regiunal Surselva Museum (PostBus stop Ilanz, Plazza Cumin).

Sunny Val Lumnezia, also called the Valley of Light, is known for its mild climate. On sightseeing trips through the valley you will encounter well-preserved villages, beautiful churches and chapels and a pristine landscape. The attractive Val-Lumnezia-Obersaxen-Mundaun ski area is reached from Vella, the valley’s main village (PostBus stop Vella, casa dal miedi; change to gondola). The small de Mont Castle bears witness to Vella’s long history. Explore the region on the Val Lumnezia cultural and adventure trail starting in Vella. Davos Munts, a natural lake in Vattiz, beckons you to take a refreshing swim (PostBus stop Vattiz, Surval). Vrin, all the way at the end of the valley, has gained new fame with the help of local architect Gion A. Caminada. Vrin was awarded the Wakker Prize in 1998 for the way modern buildings have been integrated into the historic village. Crossing Diesrut Pass from this charming place will take you to the fascinating Greina plateau (PostBus stop Vrin, Post Office).

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The Vrin, Post Office – Vrin, Puzzatsch Route operates on request only, subject to special pricing. For information call tel. +41 58 341 34 90

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Operating from Vrin, Post Office to Vrin, Puzzatsch in the summer season only (on request)


Reservations are required from 8.35 p.m. on for the llanz, Railway Station/Post Office-Vrin, Post Office route. For reservations and information call tel. 0800 799 799 (no charge)from 8 a.m. – 8.30 p.m.

The Vrin, Post Office-Vrin, Puzzatsch Route operates on request only. Reservations are required no later than 1 hourbefore departure, and no later than 12 noonon the day before Sundays and public holidays. Tel. +41 79 483 83 69

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