Grisons Museum of Arts Chur

Art in the capital of Grisons

The Grisons Art Museum in Chur is renowned for its exhibitions featuring works of art by Grisons and Swiss artists. Since 2016, an annex built by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga complements the original museum in the Villa Planta.

Since its inception in the year 1900, the collection of the Grisons Art Museum has evolved in response to the cultural situation in Grisons. This includes the significant impact of the mountain scenery and the interplay of emigration and tourism.
The Grisons Art Museum has been focusing on collecting art for over 100 years. Con opere di Angelika Kauffmann, della famiglia di artisti Giacometti, di Giovanni Segantini, di Ernst Ludwig Kirchner e del gruppo "Rot-Blau" (rosso-blu) è stato creato un profilo espositivo ben definito. The connection to Grisons is omnipresent.

In addition to art from the past, contemporary art is also given a platform. Tutti gli anni si tengono da sei a otto esposizioni temporanee.

The Grisons Art Museum is closed on Mondays.

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