Gurnigel−Stockhorn hiking ticket

Alpine hike from Gurnigel to Stockhorn

This walk from the Gantrisch region to the summit of the Stockhorn is the epitome of a classic Alpine hike, with stunning views along the whole route. The hiking ticket includes journeys by Postbus and on the Stockhorn cable car. 

The impressive Gantrisch range rises from the area between the Gurnigel region and the Simmental, and features the striking rocky summit of the Stockhorn. The classic Alpine hiking route of Gurnigel–Stockhorn takes hikers along this mountain range, where they can enjoy unique and breathtaking views of the Bernese Alps, Lake Thun and the Simmental. The climb to the summit of the Stockhorn at 2,190 m is rewarded with a magnificent panorama.

Travel to Thurnen from your departure station with BLS and then take the Postbus (line 323) to Gurnigel Wasserscheide at 8.35 a.m. The Alpine hike to the Stockhorn starts there. 

The route starts out on a tarmac Alpine road, turning to a gravel road up to Alp Obernünenen. This is followed by the ascent up to the Leiteren Pass at 1,904 m. Once you reach the Leiteren Pass, you will be rewarded with sublime views. This is the start of the real Alpine hike beneath the giant Gantrisch range. Passing Chuelouenen and Stierenhütte, you arrive at Oberi Walalp. At this idyllic and organic Alpine farm with its dairy cows, cattle, Alpine pigs and hens, you have the opportunity to buy a piece of delicious AOP Bernese Alpine cheese. From Oberi Walalp, the route continues with the last steep climb of the hike, along the north wall passage up to the ridge and on to the Stockhorn. Here you can take in the stunning panorama. 

After the hike, take the Stockhorn cable car down to Erlenbach im Simmental and take the train back to your place of departure from there. The last cable car down from the Stockhorn that connects to a train service in Erlenbach leaves at 5.35 p.m. 

Gurnigel−Stockhorn hiking ticket

The following services are included in the ticket:

  • PostBus line 323: journey from Thurnen, Bahnhof to Gurnigel, Wasserscheide at 8.35 a.m.
  • Stockhorn cable car: journey down from Stockhorn to Erlenbach (last departure at 5.35 p.m.)


  • The ticket does not include the journeys to Thurnen and back from Erlenbach with BLS. 
  • The hiking ticket is available in the BLS online shop, in BLS travel centers, on Postbuses on the line 323 (departure 8.35 a.m.) and in PostBus points of sale in Bern 


  • Adults (full price) CHF 57.00 
  • Adults with a Half Fare Travelcard CHF 28.50
  • Adults with a GA Travelcard CHF 16.00 
  • Children (6 to under 16) CHF 28.50 
  • Free for children with a Junior Travelcard or Children’s Co-Travelcard

No additional discounts will be given to groups 

Journey details

Duration 4 hours 30 min
Difficulty medium
Distance 11.1 Kilometres
Altitude difference 949 Metres
Arrival By Postbus to Gurnigel, Wasserscheide from Thurnen, Bahnhof at 8.35 a.m.
Return travel With the Stockhorn cable car to Erlenbach im Simmental station (last cable car departure from Stockhorn at 5.35 p.m.)

Additional information

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The hiking ticket is available in the BLS online shop, in BLS travel centers, on Postbuses on the line 323 (departure 8.35 a.m.) and in PostBus points of sale in Bern 

Buy your BLS tickets for travelling to Thurnen and back from Erlenbach im Simmental from the SBB Shop or via the SBB Mobile app.

Timetable / travel information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable no. 323 Thurnen–Gurnigel–Plaffeien–Schwarzenburg 


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