Heiden – enjoy and feel at ease

Biedermeier village with many facets

The hallmarks of Heiden are lovely rolling Appenzell hills, expansive views of Lake Constance and unspoilt nature. This Biedermeier-era village is the starting point for many day trips and hikes with glorious views. Perfect for relaxing, feeling good and enjoying. 

At the centre of the Vorderland district of Appenzell, Heiden has a lot to offer. Nestling in the hilly landscape in the Vorderland district of Appenzell, the village is located on a sunny terrace at over 800 metres above sea level. Unspoilt nature, clear views of Lake Constance, baths and cultural attractions promise pure diversion. Just get going, relax and enjoy.

The Appenzell food trail: A delicious scavenger hunt!
Do you love making discoveries with anticipation and fun? That’s exactly what the Appenzell food trail offers. At its six food and drink stops, you’ll be spoiled for a choice of delicacies and regional specialities. The food trail promises you five to six hours of fun, anticipation and a little exercise – experience Appenzell country in a different way. You can find information on getting started at the tourist information office at Heiden train station.
Food trail tickets competition: take part now (closing date for entries: 28 August 2022)

Biedermeier village of Heiden

Many buildings date from the Biedermeier period around 1840. Family, tradition and craftsmanship constitute the intrinsic values of this period. Every four years at the Biedermeier Festival, the village and people of Heiden turn out in historical garb. But there’s nothing to stop you taking a stroll through the Biedermeier village today. 

Panoramic view from the church tower

From a height of 41 metres, Heiden’s church tower offers the best views of Lake Constance 400 metres below and of the lovely rolling hills around Heiden. The 157 steps up to the room at the top of the tower are worth it. Open daily from May to October: 12.30 to 3.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. when the weather is nice). Find out more

Health trail

Rolling hills, lush greenery and scattered settlements blend together to create an unspoilt landscape. Alongside magnificent views, you can learn quite a bit about herbs, remedies and their effects. It just does you good. Find out more

Across a suspension bridge to a view of five states

This easy hike from Heiden towards Grub (canton of  Appenzell Ausserrhoden) takes you across the 180-metre suspension bridge to Grub (canton of St. Gallen). The trail then continues on to the highlight of the tour, the “five-state view”. This fantastic vista, overlooking Lake Constance and taking in Switzerland, Austria, and the German states of Bavaria, Württemberg and Baden, is the highlight of this tour. From here, the high trail leads to Eggersriet. Find out more

Appenzell joke trail and adventure tour 

On this day trip, you’ll not only experience quick-witted Appenzell jokes on the “joke trail”, but also fantastic views of the Appenzell landscape and Lake Constance. The Rheineck to Rorschach boat trip and the two cogwheel railway journeys from Rorschach to Heiden and from Walzenhausen to Rheineck make this excursion the perfect experience. Discovery tour and jokes trail in the Appenzell countryside | PostBus (postauto.ch)

Henry Dunant Museum

The Henry Dunant Museum in Heiden is dedicated to the visionary initiator of the Swiss Red Cross. At the battle of Solferino, Italy, in 1859, Henry Dunant experienced the suffering and misery of war at close quarters. Posing questions such as “What does the individual count for in war?” or ”Who is to help the victims?”, Henry Dunant became a man with a lifelong sense of social commitment.


Museum.Heiden not only exhibits the local history and home decor of Heiden, it also features personalities. Carl Böckli for example, alias “Bö”, who penned barbed caricatures in the satirical magazine “Nebelspalter” for more than 50 years. His extensive oeuvre is collected in the Bö-Stiftung

Baths and more

Village tours, guided herb walking tours, wellness days at the Appenzeller Heilbad spa or the Hotel Heiden Hotel Heiden round off your stay in the Biedermeier village of Heiden.

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