The Heidi bus experience

In the footsteps of Heidi and Peter the goatherd

Be enchanted by the original setting for the story of Heidi and enjoy stunning views of the Bündner Herrschaft region. The Heidi bus takes visitors directly to Heididorf (Heidi’s village) or to the best starting points for hikes and culinary experiences.

The world-famous story of Heidi written by Johanna Spyri begins with the sentence: “From the old and pleasantly situated village of Mayenfeld, a footpath winds through green and shady meadows to the foot of the mountains, which on this side look down from their stern and lofty heights upon the valley below.” The tiny wine village of Maienfeld has been associated with Heidi ever since. 
Taking the Heidibus makes the steep, 40-minute walk or a trip by car unnecessary. The Postbus takes you from Maienfeld railway station up to Heididorf, which is located higher up. On a sunny, south-facing slope surrounded by the vineyards of Bündner Herrschaft, you can be transported back in time to the Swiss mountain landscape of the 19th century. Experience the story of Heidi first-hand. From Heidi's house, the alpine cabin of her grandfather (“Alpöhi”), the village school, the goat shed and the village shop through to a museum dedicated to the author and the post office with its special Heidi's Village stamp, everything revolves around the story of Heidi. 

The Heidi bus is not just a means of reaching Heidi’s village, but also showcases the diversity of the Bündner Herrschaft landscape along the way. For example, the St. Luzisteig and Heididorf bus-stops are ideal starting points for hikes.

You will be captivated by the different aspects you can explore, including wine, cuisine, culture and architecture.

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The Heidi bus (route 14) operates three times a day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as far as Balzers.


Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. For information call tel. see Contact. Space is limited. No additional service is provided.

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