Hike Anzère

From Anzère (VS) along the historic waterways to Botyre

The hike goes from Anzère–Les Evouttes–Saxonne to Botyre. 

The Bisses, the mountain waterways, are just as much part of the Valais as the Matterhorn. In order for the water from the distant glacial streams to reach their meadows and fields, the farmers built kilometre-long irrigation channels made of wood and stone many centuries ago which lead across spectacular, deep gorges and overhanging cliffs. And at times they offer hikers adventurous trails through a dramatic landscape with views of the white peaks of the Valais alps. A particularly rewarding route is the one along the Sion irrigation channel, or Bisse de Sion, as it is called in French. From Anzère, the hike takes about four hours to Botyre, in places along a specially marked museum trail linking the Bisse de Sion and Bitaillaz. The hike ends in the village of Botyre. Here it is worth visiting the Suonen Museum in a beautifully restored 17th century house.

Journey Details

Duration 5 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 15.8 Kilometres
Altitude difference 870 Metres
Arrival PostBus route 351 to Anzère, centre
Return travel PostBus route 351 from Botyre, centre

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Timetable no. 12.351 Sion–Ayent–Anzère