Hike the Climate Audio Trail around Göscheneralp Lake

Glacier blooms and time travel – two stories, one challenge

The circular hike around the Göscheneralpsee, a lake in Central Switzerland, is one of the more popular hikes in the region. There is also plenty to admire in the area; from the diverse flora to the impressive mountain backdrop with its various glaciers and the vast expanse of water.

This unique and well described circular hike around the Göscheneralpsee really shouldn’t be missed. Spend an unforgettable day along the beautiful turquoise lake surrounded by formidable glaciers and breathtaking mountains. With a bit of luck, you may even come across some of the 150 mountain goats that spend their summer grazing on the Göscheneralp. The circular hike is more than just a leisurely stroll, however, with high steps and steep gradients requiring a sure foot. Sturdy footwear is a must as the middle part of the trail leads over stone slabs, and these tend to be slippery.

The trail starts at the dam and continues over Alpine rose slopes before reaching the sparse terrain of the Damma Glacier, and then onto a lateral moraine and through high and low moors. Hikers are bound to discover the marvellous relationships in nature along the trail.  There is also plenty to explore in terms of water and the climate, with information on the natural environment and outdoor adventures (Wasserwelt Göschenen) available from the Damma Glacier restaurant. There is also an audio tour from myclimate, with nine listening stations dotted around the Göscheneralpsee lake at which hikers can learn interesting climate-related facts. The audio guide can be downloaded to your smartphone via the Izi.Travel app. There are two versions available, one for adults and the other for children.

Back in Göschenen, a tour of the village is highly recommended. This tour is dedicated to the history of the longest railway tunnel of the 19th century and the development of transport in Gotthard. A village steeped in history with plenty of cultural highlights – and certainly not to be missed!

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