Hikes around the Flüela Pass and the Jöri Lakes

Jöri Lakes

You're spoilt for choice: you can opt for a circular route, walk towards the Lower Engadine Valley or head for Klosters. Whichever route you choose, you'll pass by bright green lakes set amid austere mountain landscape.

These three hiking tips have one feature in common – a highlight at the very start of your route: the journey by postbus from Davos towards the Flüela Pass. 

  • From the Flüela Pass road towards the Lower Engadine Valley
    Wägerhus–Jöriflüelafurgga–Jöri Lakes–Jörifless Pass–Röven
    Hiking time: 4.30 hours
    The "Wägerhus" PostBus stop marks the start of the path to Mount Jöriflüelafurgga. You cross the ridge and then follow a steep path down into the Jöri Valley. Hike past the foot of the Jöri Glacier and along the shore of romantic Lake Jöri. A short climb then brings you to the Jörifless Pass. The route continues to the burbling waters of the Aua da Fless brook on the left-hand side of the Val Fless valley, heading towards Röven. 
  • Hike with onward journey by bus to Klosters
    Hiking time: about 3.45 hours
    The start of this route is the same as for the tour described above. From the Jöri Lakes, you hike through the Jöri Valley, following the Jöribach stream to Frömdvereina. Then continue via Säss to the Vereina mountain hut. From here, a special hikers' bus takes you back to Klosters (reservations required).
  • Alternative circular route
    Wägerhus–Winterlücke–Jöri Lakes–Jöriflüelafurgga–Wägerhus
    Hiking time: about 4.30 hours
    This hike also starts at the "Wägerhus" PostBus stop. From here, the path takes you north-eastwards up the slope to the Winterlücke saddle. Admire the magnificent view of the Jöri Glacier and the Jöri Lakes. To return to the starting point, walk uphill from the lakes to Mount Jöriflüelafurgga and then head downhill to the "Wägerhus" stop.

Difficulty: medium to difficult

Climbing boots or hiking shoes are absolutely essential. This hike is only advisable in good weather conditions.

Before you start your journey, please check whether your chosen hiking route is open. 

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Special hikers' bus to Klosters: Gotschna Sport AG, +41 81 422 11 97

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