Hiking across the lake ridge

From Weinfelden to Kreuzlingen

It doesn't always have to be the mountains - the Lake Constance region is very attractive as well. On the easy hike from Weinfelden to Kreuzlingen of some 15 km, the difference in altitude is only 250 meters. Your destination is the wintry lake of Constance, calm and serene in its lovely surroundings. Or you might choose to walk the other way around. Several PostBus stops along the route make it possible to ride a bus for some of the way. 

Hiking route, duration approx. 4 h

From the train station of Weinfelden you start towards the north in the direction of Stelzenhof and climb some 250 meters. The Stelzenhof restaurant with its traditional cuisine is situated right on the route and invites to have a nice meal. You then follow the signposts to Ellighausen and cross the idyllic pond landscape of the Bommer Weiher. Forest paths take you to Bernrain and the PostBus stop Kreuzlingen, Kirche Bernrain. There you can enjoy the beautiful view over Lake Constance.

Sweeten your arrival at Kreuzlingen Bernrain and visit the chocolate factory Bernrain with its shop.

PostBus stops along the way, route 80.921

Weinfelden Bahnhof, Hugelshofen: Schlatt, Dotnacht: Dorfplatz, Ellighausen, Schwaderloh: Dorf, Kreuzlingen: Kirche Bernrain (see timetable)

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