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Historic Flösserweg and the sunny Mettau valley

On the trail of raftsmen from Laufenburg to Stilli

Along the historic Flösserweg, parts of which can still be seen today, is an adventure and theme trail. Between the starting points of Laufenburg and Stilli lies a fantastic hiking and biking region waiting to be discovered, with Hottwil right at its centre.

At the heart of the Geissberg – Upper Frick valley region, surrounded by soft green meadows and hills in the sunny Mettau valley. This wonderful region and unspoilt countryside are great for leisurely or lengthy hikes at any time of the year.  Have you seen the Geissberg with its striking tower, the Rotberg, the historic Wessenberg and the Laubberg with its view of the pretty Mettau valley? On your hike, don’t miss the beautiful vineyards, where you can see the local “Hottwiler-Wessenberger” grapes growing.

Hikes from Hottwil Duration
Mettau 1 hour
Mettau and back to Hottwil 1 hour 45 min.
Hikes from Mettau Duration
Hottwil 1 hour
Etzgen 35 min.
Leibstadt 1 hour 50 min.
Koblenz 2 hours 50 min.
Sulz 1 hour 40 min.
Ittenthal 2 hours 45 min.
Stilli 3 hours 15 min.

Genuss-Reise «Gaumenschmaus auf dem Flösserweg»

“Culinary delights on Raftsmen’s Trail” indulgence trip
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  • Sie erhalten ein kleines Dessert gratis dazu.
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