Husky Tour Schwägalp

Learn to be a musher!

With “Huskystuff“ every guest can be leader of the pack! Under expert guidance, step-by-step you learn plenty about the realm of the husky dogs. 

Immerse in the world of the husky dogs and grab the opportunity to become leader of the pack - known as “Musher“ in expert jargon. Under the guidance of experienced guides, together you prepare the necessary equipment for the sled dogs - after which, you depart on the journey of a lifetime with your own special team of dogs.

At home in Toggenburg,“Huskystuff“ benefits from years of experience in connection with sled dogs, and is therefore able to offer great husky adventures to companies, groups and private individuals. In summer as well.

Attractions and things to take note of:

  • Huskymotion, a half-day introductory offer for both big and small
  • Sled dog day tour, and the chance to spend a whole day as real “ Musher“ - who looks after dogs in addition to being underway with them
  • Two-day husky tour with an overnight stay in one of the SAC huts.
  • Gift voucher

Company and group offers for up to 120 people

All prices and services are provided at (in German).

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