Jura Vaudois Regional Nature Park

The red wood ant trail

The Jura Vaudois Regional Nature Park is pleased to present its first public information center, the “Espace découvertes”, located at the Col du Marchairuz pass. Nearby there are two themed nature trails we encourage visitors to explore: the Red Wood Ant Trail and the Simeon Fir Tree Trial.
The “gaia” red wood ant and its supercolony of friends play an essential role in our forests. Discover an educational trial that’s fun for the whole family and learn about the small emblematic forest insect that inspired it.

Formica rufa, known as the red wood ant for its colour, plays an essential role in our forests. So much so that in 1966, it became the first insect in Switzerland to be given protected status. There are ten points along the red wood ant trail presenting these likeable insects and their specific features. An educational and fun attraction to discover with family or friends.

Note: the trail is easy and suitable for children. However, it is not accessible to pushchairs or wheelchairs. The trial is not supervised and not cleared in snowy conditions. Free access.

In autumn 2020, the Jura Vaudois Park opened its first public information center, the “Espace découvertes”, located in the east wing of the Hôtel-Restaurant du Marchairuz. It is open at the same times as the restaurant, and admission is free. It houses a permanent exhibition detailing the tasks the Confederation has entrusted to Swiss regional nature parks. 
It will present the park’s projects linked to the landscape, biodiversity, sustainable tourism, the promotion of local products and the local economy, and increased awareness of sustainable development.

You can also enjoy a walk along the Simeon Fir Tree Trail, which has been renewed and renovated. Ten information points detail the richness of the nature surrounding you and tell you all about the history of the park’s forestry and eco-system.

* subject to the re-opening of the Hôtel-Restaurant du Marchairuz, depending on the development of Covid-19 situation.
More information: www.parcjuravaudois.ch

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Duration 1 hour
Difficulty easy
Distance 0.9 Kilometres

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