Jurapark Aargau

Explore a treasure trove of greenery with PostBus

Jurapark Aargau, with its cherry trees and distinctive hilly terrain, has plenty to offer besides its scenic landscape. Take a walk down “Gourmet Road” and sample fine regional produce or chat with the innovative producers behind these great ideas. Traditional festivals, markets and customs are also celebrated throughout the year.

Discover the culinary delights of Jurapark Aargau. Mettauertal’s savoury sausages, Wittnau’s fruity vinegars or delicious cherry juice from Fricktal? The small yet charming village shops boast a large selection of certified Jurapark products. These are carefully produced specialities that can be purchased directly from the source, thus giving you the opportunity to personally meet the people behind them.

The restaurants along Gourmet Road are full of surprises, treating guests to select ingredients and original creations. The restaurateurs are keen to showcase the quality of products from local producers. Enjoy seasonal menus, as well as superb wines from the Jurapark vintners.

Travel by Postbus and take a tour of these culinary delights without any stress or hassle. Travelling through a spectacular cultural landscape, the option is also there to disembark and explore the impressive recreational area on foot. Check out our many excursion tips in the list of links for some inspiration.

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Timetable no. 50.089 (Möhlin–Wegenstetten)
Timetable no. 50.102 (Gelterkinden–Kienberg–Salhöhe)
Timetable no. 50.135 (Laufenburg–Frick–Herznach–Aarau)
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Timetable no. 50.137 (Frick–Bözen–Elfingen–Effingen–Brugg)
Timetable no. 50.139 (Herznach–Zeihen–Effingen)
Timetable no. 50.141 (Laufenburg–Sulz–Obersulz)
Timetable no. 50.142 (Laufenburg–Hottwil–Gansingen–Brugg)
Timetable no. 50.143 (Laufenburg–Kaisten–Sisseln–Stein)
Timetable no. 50.371 (Brugg–Schinznach Dorf–Thalheim)
Timetable no. 50.374 (Brugg–Mönthal)
Timetable no. 50.376 (Brugg–Villigen PSI–Döttingen)
Timetable no. 50.379 (Wildegg–Auenstein–Schinznach Dorf)

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Jurapark Aargau
Linn 51
5225 Bözberg