Jurapark Aargau evolution trail

14 billion years of history over 14 kilometres

The evolution trail from Rheinfelden to Zuzgen skilfully leads you on a journey through history. A total of 14 milestones chronicle the development of our universe. The short, four-kilometre route is suitable for families with children. 

The evolution trail in Jurapark Aargau stretches 14 kilometres from Rheinfelden to Zuzgen. This educational trail helps walkers better understand the history of our solar system, the emergence of life and the evolution of mankind. Each metre of the trail represents one million years!

The trail begins at milestone 0, which designates the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. A further 14 milestones explain the development of the universe until the appearance of Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago. The hiking trail takes you past the edge of the forest, across open fields and snakes through forested sections. A relaxing picnic makes a welcome break.

The short route from Zeiningen is suitable for families with kids. This covers around four kilometres from milestone 1 (origins of our solar system) to the last milestone in Zuzgen. 

Travel details

Duration 4 hours
Difficulty easy
Distance 14.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 250 Metres

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Start at Rheinfelden railway station for the long route. For the short route, travel by Postbus route 89 from Möhlin railway station to Zeiningen, Mitteldorf. Return journey from Zuzgen, Gemeindezentrum.


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