Kirchner Museum Davos

Works of Artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

20th and 21st century art exhibited in an extraordinary architectural setting and surrounded by Alpine peaks.

A visit to the Kirchner Museum in Davos is an amazing experience. Paintings of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938) are on exhibit right here where they were created. Davos and its environs were Kirchner’s inspiration for many of his most important paintings.

With a world-famous collection of his art, an extensive documentary archive detailing life and work of the artist, and a library on expressionism, the Kirchner Museum is one of the most significant exhibition and research centres for classic modern art. The museum was designed by architects Gigon Guyer and is well known for its glass, concrete, steel, and wood construction. Special exhibits are arranged from time to time featuring other representatives of this era as well as contemporary artists.


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Photo: Destination Davos Klosters; Stefan Schlumpf