La Brévine through the ages

Discover exciting anecdotes about the village and its surroundings on this educational trail.

Devised from the memories and anecdotes of La Brévine’s residents, this circular walk recounts the life and activities of the village in the past. Along the route, you’ll discover the existence of a hot spring which attracted many visitors looking to take the waters, a “passade” or charitable shelter for homeless people passing through and also a sawmill that used to flood regularly.

The trail, comprising 18 educational panels created with the help of old photographs, tells the stories of specific houses and locations within the village in French, German and English.

The suggested route is a circuit which takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to complete. The trail is open all year round, in all weathers, and requires no specific equipment.

A leaflet is available for free in French from the entrances to the municipal offices and the temple. The German version can be obtained from the municipal offices.

Journey details

Duration 1 hour 15 min
Difficulty easy
Altitude difference 20 Metres

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