La Via dell’Acqua

Educational trail in the Morobbia Valley

Discover how water flows through the Morobbia Valley A fascinating and beautiful educational trial which retraces the history of the exploitation of groundwater and explains the stages involved. 

The Morobbia Valley stretches up from Giubiasco, at 252 metres above sea level, as far as the San Jorio Pass, at 2,052 metres above sea level. It is a typical V-shaped valley, with the river of the same name meandering through it, enclosed by forests on both sides. The “La Via dell’Acqua” educational trail shows how man has succeeded in taking advantage of the force of water without disrupting the balance of nature. The excursion begins at the Carmena dam, which can be reached by foot from the “Vellano” stop, approximately half an hour from Giubiasco station by Postbus. The eight-kilometre path follows the river through woods and meadows, emerging first of all at Monti di Stagno to offer a unique view over the whole of the Magadino Plain and the Bellinzona area. From then on, the route is virtually all downhill, passing close to the Pian di Bur fort before finally reaching the hydroelectric power plant in Giubiasco. The trail takes three and a half hours to complete, and is suitable for everyone. It is perfect for escaping from everyday life and being at one with nature, accompanied by the harmonious yet thunderous noise of the river.

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Stop: “Vellano”

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