Lac de Taney

Miex (Le Flon)–Taney–Le Bouveret

PostBus takes you to the stars. 13 magnificent PostBus hiking suggestions.

After the ascent on the „goatherds‘ path“ it is worth our while to explore fauna and flora at the lake of Taney, one of the most beautiful nature reserves of the alps. The trail takes us to Le Bouveret and has some great surprises in store, such as the Alpe Chalavornaire with its local produce, or the splendid panoramic view of the lake of Geneva.

The upward climb is classed as more difficult than the decent. Figures provided for hiking times refer solely to the actual hiking time without pauses.

Before commencing a hike, we recommend you refer to the public transport timetables and integrate these in your planning. Equally as important is to take along a hiking map of the visited region, good comfortable hiking shoes, some form of rain protection as well as warm clothing. Please be informed concerning the opening hours of snack stands and restaurants. For group travels we advise you to make reservations in advance.

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