From Lake Lauenen to the Geltenhütte mountain hut

Legs of the circular hike: Lake Lauenen – Follhorn – Geltenhütte - Lake Lauenen

Experience this hike around Lake Lauenen, with a short detour to the Geltenhütte mountain hut – the stuff of dreams!

This circular tour starts at Lake Lauenen, located in a moorland nature reserve.

If you’re looking for your first refreshments, head to the popular mountain inn, Restaurant Lauenensee, for a beautiful sun terrace and fine cuisine. The hike begins with a steep climb up to Alp Kühtungel, across the flank of the mountain below the Follhorn.

The ascent continues below the Follhorn, with a ladder to help you climb over the precipice at the "Geltetrittli". But you'll soon reach the Geltenhütte mountain hut. You need to be careful and sure-footed for this section of the hike.

The downhill walk is another spectacular experience: you pass below and through a small waterfall, and immediately afterwards you glimpse the Geltenschuss waterfall thundering into the depths. The hike ends with a pleasant walk along the Geltenbach stream, bringing you back to Lake Lauenen.

Journey details

Duration 4 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 8.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 678 Metres
Arrival Take PostBus route 181 to the “Lauenensee” stop.
Return travel Take PostBus route 181 from the “Lauenensee” stop to “Gstaad, Bahnhof”.

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Timetable 12.181 Gstaad–Lauenen–(Lake Lauenen)
Route not open all year


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