Leisure around Gantrisch Mountain

Circular deceleration route on the Längenberg

Discover the scenic Gantrisch region around the Längenberg on an excursion. The circular deceleration route called “Musse:um” (Leisure around Gantrisch Mountain) provides simple instructions and inspiring input for a more leisurely pace of life.

Those who walk the “Musse:um” circular route will be rewarded with plenty of relaxation, lasting impressions and spectacular views of the Alps. The circular route leads through beautiful countryside from the Tavel Memorial via Oberbütschel, Bütschegg and Bütschel Gschneit back to the memorial. A short detour takes you to the Uecht Observatory. 

Along the circular route, there are nine “leisure benches” especially designed for Gantrisch Nature Park, where you can explore the topic of deceleration in a fun and interactive way. The “Bank zum Augenblick” (Bench of the Moment) provides a uniquely scenic experience. From the sitting area, visitors can look through a small window with coloured glass. Sliding yellow and blue windows changes the view into yellow sunlit countryside, a blue idyll or green splendour. And let’s not forget the “Bank zum Nichtstun” (Do Nothing Bench). It invites visitors to do just that – nothing at all. Without any instructions, but entirely in keeping with the “Musse:um” circular route. At the Bluetrail benches, the focus is on active relaxation and experiencing nature. Exercises are proposed to the visitors to ease tension, promote slower breathing and improve awareness.

The circular route can be hiked in 2 hours in either direction and is easily accessible by PostBus. 


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