Lime Tree in Linn

From the lime tree in Linn to Thalheim

More PostBus for Brugg ! Take a day trip to discover the Jura Park Aargau and the beautiful Brugg region. When you reach the top of Linnerberg Hill you will immediately see the majestic 800-year old lime tree, a popular photo subject and a filming location of a well-known Swiss TV programme.

At the highest point of Linnerberg Hill the views of the Alps are spectacular. Along the way you will come across some old boundary stones which used to be the border between the Schenkenberg county and the Kasteln region. An impressive view of the Jura mountains opens up at Buechmatt. The Schenkenberg Ruins are another highlight on this lovely hike. Once you have taken a good look at the old walls, follow the path down to the winegrowing village of Thalheim. A culinary stop at “Wygärtli” is a veritable must to end this day.


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Use the well-marked hiking trails to explore the Brugg region on foot.

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