Loop trail hiking tour Griesalp–Christihubel–Griesalp

Panoramic views of Kiental, Gspaltehorn and Blüemlisalp

Griesalp loop trail hike across Christihubel with panoramic views of Kiental, Gspaltehorn and Blüemlisalp. 

The trip by postbus is already a highlight since the section between Kiental and Griesalp is the steepest postbus route with a gradient of 28%.

After an adventurous PostBus ride and arrival at Griesalp, you can stop at one of the five Griesalp hotels and the restaurants Rastpintli, Berghaus as well as the self-service "Rocky Grieshouse".

From the final stop at Griesalp, take the path towards Chüegwindli Christihubel. Follow the route along the red, white, red markings. You will need an alert eye for this, as they are sometimes difficult to recognise.

In any case, take the time to walk to the highest point, the Christihubel, and enjoy the view of the Kiental valley and the Gspaltenhorn and Blüemlisalp peaks.

Kiental is the name of both the valley and the village in it.

Journey details

Duration 4 hours 40 min
Difficulty medium
Distance 11.6 Kilometres
Altitude difference 868 Metres
Arrival With PostBus route 220 to the bus stop: Griesalp, Kurhaus
Return travel With PostBus route 220 from bus stop: Griesalp, Kurhaus to Reichenbach i. K., Bahnhof. 

Additional information

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Timetable / travel information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable 31.220 Reichenbach–Kiental–(Griesalp)

Route not open all year


Reservations are required for some departures. See timetable.

Bicycle transport

Bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle.
You can find more information at Biking and Postbus.

Special comments:
No bicycle transport is possible between Tschingel and Griesalp.

Wheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair access to the postbus guaranteed

Special comments:
All services between Reichenbach im Kandertal and Ramslauenen are wheelchair-accessible.

Advance notice is needed between Ramslauenen and Griesalp: please notify us in advance at least 3 hours before starting your journey (phone 0848 100 222 during office hours)

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