MAILA corn maze

3,322 metres of wrong track – the largest corn labyrinth in Switzerland

Above just the sky, below a narrow path, left and right almost 3 metres high corn stalks. 300,000 in all. And in between, those who dared to dive into the corn maze and are now, shouting and laughing, looking for the exit. MAILA guarantees excitement, fun and amused confusion as they realise: "This path seems familiar to me."

Those who have found their way out will be able to enjoy a wide range of food and drink under the shade of the apple trees. An ample and attractive supporting programme is part of MAILA as well, for example the thrilling orienteering challenge, the eerie and terrifying creepy labyrinth, a visit to the lovely Globi or the imaginative make-up offer for children. And as always of course, there’s the cosy lounge, the adventurous sandbox and the observation tower with its fantastic view. 

Open from 9 July to 19 September 2021

MAILA is a fun and entertaining excursion destination for families and young and old visitors.  

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MAILA corn maze
Schönenbohl 1
CH-8585 Langrickenbach TG

+41 71 444 85 29



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