Marbach–Kemmeriboden Route

At the heart of the Emmental valley

Experience the magnificent scenery of the Entlebuch Valley on the Marbach-Kemmeriboden Route with the rugged landscape of Schrattenfluh and Hohgant and the extensive moorlands with their rich flora and fauna.

The Marbach–Kemmeriboden route, number 251, runs from Escholzmatt via Wiggen, Marbach and Schangnau to Kemmeriboden. The route operates all year round. A Postbus journey from Escholzmatt to Kemmeriboden takes about 30 minutes.

Each stage of the journey is worth a stopover. Escholzmatt-Marbach is a member of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere association of municipalities as well as the starting point for numerous hiking trails and theme trails (Postbus stop Escholzmatt, Bahnhof). In Marbach, visit the herds of water buffalo that provide milk for the Marbach alpine cheese dairy (Postbus stop Marbach, Post) or glide skywards in the cable car up to the Marbachegg sun terrace. Marbachegg lies at 1,500 m above sea level and offers a wide range of activities in summer and winter alike. You can also enjoy breathtaking views over the imposing Schrattenfluh, the striking Hohgant and the Bernese Alps. 

From Schangnau the journey continues into the Emme valley. Winter fun is guaranteed by Bumbach’s two ski lifts and cross-country ski trails (PostBus stop Bumbach, Ski Lift). Kemmeriboden and Gasthaus Kemmeriboden-Bad, an inn with a long history, are located between Hohgant and Schrattenfluh. The nearby mineral spring was once used for the inn’s spa. The hotel is still a popular destination and situated in the midst of a beautiful hiking area (PostBus stop Kemmeriboden).


  • Geo and meadow path in Escholzmatt 
  • Water buffalo herds in Marbach
  • Marbachegg sun terrace with its cosy mountain guest house
  • Kemmeriboden and the Kemmeriboden-Bad country inn
  • The impressive Schrattenfluh

Travel details

Departure by train from Berne, Lucerne, Langnau to Escholzmatt. By Postbus, route 251, from Escholzmatt, Bahnhof to Kemmeriboden

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Timetable 60.251

Route open all year


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