Mariastein Routes: Flüh–Mariastein Route / Laufen–Mariastein Route


The Mariastein Routes take you either from Flüh or from Laufen (Canton Basel-Country) through the hilly countryside to the pilgrimage site at Mariastein Abbey.

The Mariastein Routes take you through the Basel countryside to Mariastein Abbey. While the Flüh–Mariastein Route runs from Flüh via Mariastein to Metzleren or Burg/Leimen, the Laufen–Mariastein Route operates in reverse direction from Laufen to Mariastein. Near Hofstetten–Flüh, you will find the ruins of Sternenberg, Fürstenstein and Landskorn castles. Gothic buildings, such as an old mill, Hofstetten “fortress” and St. John’s Chapel are shaping the appearance of Hofstetten-Flüh village (PostBus stop Flüh, Railway Station and Hofstetten, Mariasteinstrasse). Discover historic carriage tracks on the old carriage road between Hofstetten and Flüh. Hofstetter Bergmatte is a popular family destination with playgrounds, a petting zoo, outdoor fireplaces, picnic tables, a restaurant, and sled rides in winter. This is the starting point for hikes through the Chälengraben Gorge. Visit the protected village center of Metzerlen-Mariastein, St. Remigius Church, St. Anne’s Chapel, and Rotberg Castle (PostBus stop Mariastein, Metzerlenstrasse). The Benedictine monastery Mariastein was built in 1645 and attracts visitors from near and far (PostBus stop Mariastein, Klosterplatz). A proud castle overlooking the area sits high above Burg/Leimental. Röschenz can be reached via Challhöchi Pass, where mountain bikers and hikers will find excellent trails. Visit the Laufen Valley Museum in the lovely old town of Laufen to learn about the local history and culture (PostBus stop Laufen, Railway Station).

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The Flüh–Mariastein Route operates between Flüh, Railway Station and Metzerlen, Post Office and between Flüh, Railway Station and Burg im Leimental, Village. Service for pilgrims and market visitors is available to Laufen, Railway Station (on designated days only, see Timetable). The Laufen–Mariastein Route operates on Sundays and public holidays and on 1 May, Corpus Christi, 15 August, 1 November, excl. 2 January, from Laufen, Railway Station to Mariastein, Klosterplatz.


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Explore the area of the Mariastein Routes on foot on the well-marked hiking trail system


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