Massa trail

On the tracks of the Riederi

This spectacular hike takes you through the wild Massa gorge from Blatten b. Naters to Ried-Mörel. Enjoy the impressive views over the Rhone valley. 

The Massa trail is extremely varied in respect of the landscapes as well as vegetation. The spectacular hiking route takes you through the wild Massa gorge from Blatten near Naters to Ried-Mörel. The enormous gorge illustrates the power of water which can be felt there. You will also be able to enjoy some impressive views over the Massa gorge and on to the Rhone valley. The Riederi Suone (irrigation channel) leads alongside the trail for some of the way.                                                                         

Duration of the hike: 2 hours 15 minutes
Level of difficulty: intermediate
Difference in altitude: ↑ 172 m ↓ 323 m
Length: 8.2 km

Profit from the combination offer!

On purchasing a Massa trail ticket you receive a 20% discount on the price of the postbus trip Brig–Blatten b. Naters, the Mörel–Brig train journey and a one-way cable car ride Ried–Mörel–Mörel (or vice versa).

Tickets are available for purchase from your driver. These tickets are available on the PostBus route Brig-Blatten bei Naters.

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