Model windmill and comic trail, Tufertschwil (Lütisburg)

Hiking on the Höhenzüg hill range in Untertoggenburg

On the tracks of Appenzell Cheese: Experience live viewing of the makings of Appenzell cheese - and discover the secrets behind this tasteful delight thanks to the new iPad-Tour!

Over 30 windmills line the way between the Winzenberg and Tufertschwil. And each of these handmade windmills, which begin to turn as a breeze sets in, represents a local profession: such as planing by a carpenter, the careful stirring of a pan by a chef, the care a farmer gives his cows and the serving of a refreshingly cold beer. A brief description of each job is there for people to read; hence offering interesting information to accompany lively hikes for all the family. 

Pit-stop Tufertschwil …

Stopping for a break by the quaint Tufertschwil hamlet is almost a must; as it’s here you discover a large playground by the guesthouse Landgasthof Rössli; the “Buurehof zom Aaluege“ that welcomes visitors to a view of farm-style life, and the typewriter museum just a few steps away. 

…or view of the animating comic path 

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Asterix and Obelix and more comic figures wait to be seen. And the carved figures naturally point out the next leg on the "Comicweg" - a circular path from Tufertschwil that’s also suitable for prams. Underway you also discover plenty of grill spots to stop for a picnic too.

Info & Hiking Times 

The windmill and comic figure paths are open for you to enjoy as of mid March until mid November. 

Hiking times:

  • Magdenau–Spilberg–Winzenberg (approx. 1 hour)
  • Winzenberg–Rimensberg–Tufertschwil (Windrädliweg approx. 45 minutes)
  • Tufertschwil–Lütisburg Post (20 minutes)
  • Winzenberg–Sägentobel–Tufertschwil e.g. via Chrummentürli-Nord (Comicweg, 1 hour)
  • Windrädli-Rundweg Chapf from/to Tufertschwil (approx. 1 hour)

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Journey there with PostBus Route 767 or Route 768 from Lütisburg Dorf/Kirche to Bütschwil or Flawil.

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