Snowshoe hike in Val Lavizzara

Mogno, a small village in the municipality of Lavizzara, is situated at 1180 m above sea level on a beautiful plateau. It offers a small skiing area with many other activities and above all great opportunities for walks in a fairytale setting.

When we talk about Mogno, we immediately think of the church of St. John the Baptist, designed by Mario Botta and one of the undisputed attractions of the valley. But the village is also home to a small ski resort ideal for a day out with the family or walks in the snow. It is located near the colony where the PostBus stop "Mogno, Colonia Pazzalino" is situated. It is also the perfect place for snowshoe excursions. Mogno offers several routes for all levels. For those who only want to walk in the fresh air, there are easy routes, mostly on snow-covered farm roads that are almost entirely flat and do not require any special skills. For those who want to try out a nice hike and have sufficient experience and physical fitness, there are steeper and more exposed marked routes. Cross-country skiing is also possible in the surrounding area. Near the skiing area, and just a stone's throw from the PostBus stop, there is a snack bar.


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