Monstein–Sertig Village


Walking through the breathtaking beauty of the Davos side valleys will make you thirsty. Experience an exciting day hike across Fanezfurgga Pass, but be sure to take a break and enjoy the local Monstein beer.

From the Davos Glaris train station, the postbus will take you to Monstein. There you have three options: a cool Monstein beer or a terrific hike or a combination of both.

Start walking through the village of Monstein and follow the path in eastern direction to Oberalp. Across the Fanezmeder plateau and past a small lake, which is often dry, you will reach Fanezfurgga Pass. During the descent into the Ducan Valley you can expect to see beautiful views of the Ducan mountain chain and the glacier. Continue along the stream via Kleinalp and Sand to Sertig Village, situated in a magnificent side valley, where you can catch a PostBus to take you back to Davos.

Hiking time: approx. 4 ¾ hours
Level of difficulty: medium


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Photo: Destination Davos Klosters; Stefan Schlumpf